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Holy crap that was so sweet! And he's hot. But you already knew that! You guys are freaking adorable together! And I never knew his real name since you usually call him Jay. Hmmm maybe I'll write a post about how I met the Husband. . . it's pretty scandelous! Well, not really. . .


Ah, babe that is the best blog ever, you really know how to make a guy feel special. I can not believe you put my drunk 24th las vegas ripped up picture up. By the way I never told you story at Casey Moore's, I just grabbed your chin and smacked one on ya!

Love ya More!


Ok darlin... I changed it to more accurately reflect our first kiss. How could I forget. :)

But we all know that I love you more, now lets not make people any sicker than necessary.


Ah. Jarrett doesn't remember me, but I sat behind him in math class my sophomore year. So glad you two found each other!


Awww. You two are so cute together. What a sweet story.


Uhm... nice... are you going to keep this entry up after you two break up? Just being realistic kiddo.


Ok, I didn't mean to be so blunt and it prob hurt your feelings and made you feel all defensive... but there is something that I have learned... always be wary of the person that is just a little too confident about their stance. Lesson to learn: change is inevitable. Not saying that your "love" won't last, but to be THAT positive that you are soulmates because you say the same phrases and have the same phone and kissed on the first date... uhm, good luck.

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