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That not only sucks but it bites too! How lame that you have to wait up to 2 days to hear from your Doc!? That's insane! By the way-I am a professional anxious worrier so this is really funny coming from me but try not to worry. Too much. Okay, that will never happen. So here's my next idea: Keep yourself so insanely busy over the next two days so you don't have to worry about worrying 24/7. What do you think? Sorry, now you're probably thinking/worrying about it again. . . oh crap I suck at this. Sorry. I'm not sure what to say other than I am thinking about you and hoping/praying everything is fine. And that means a lot coming from me since I'm not such a praying kind of person. I'm going to stop now. Keep us posted!


OH MY GOD >>>> WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME? Holy cow mama - what up? I hope you feel better soon and that doc isn't late with letting you know what's going on!!

Oh my dear - what a shitty thing to happen. Well, I'm sending hugs and all that good stuff your way. Call me if you need anything. Truely. Hell, if it weren't 10, I'd call you. Damn.



Like C said, just keep yourself very busy. I've got my fingers crossed!

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