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So sorry to hear your New Year's trip sucked the big one but if it's for the best that you guys decided to end it, then it's for the best. Here's to hoping a great year in 2007! If you do move to another blog address can I follow? :-)

Rock Chalk

Sorry... Hang in there. Mr. Right is out there, counting down the days until he meets you. It's just a matter of time. Happy '07!


Whoah -- remind me never to plan a romantic trip to Canada...

Sorry this had to happen, but I'm glad you seem to be at peace about it. Change away, if you need to, but please whisper the whereabouts of your new digs in my ear (or at my site).


Where are you? Everything (relatively?) okay? I hope so! I saw 25 years of Nature on PBS last night-did you see it?-it was amazing! I hope you were able to catch it. I was bawling by the end when the zookeeper had to leave his elephant at the sanctuary! Hope all is well with you!

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